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Algae and toe shoes, feathers and tutus

Behind the gilded doors of the Paris Opéra Ballet, two best friends, Madeleine and Lucie, dance the night away. But at first morning light, their human bodies transform into webbed feet, billed lips, and wings.

When enchanted, the girls are the Bois de Boulogne’s famous black and white swans. For ninety years, they’ve floated in the lake, unable to secure true love and break the curse of the evil Dance Master. However, when Madeleine meets Ryan Young, everything changes.

Suddenly, Madeleine wins a coveted solo spot in an upcoming ballet, and her growing relationship with Ryan means she’s on the verge of breaking the enchantment. But doing so means leaving the Bois, Ballet, and Lucie forever – something she’s not sure she can bear.

Desperate to not lose the best friend, Lucie will do anything to keep Madeleine with her – including binding herself eternally to the Dance Master. She’ll stop at nothing – even if it means breaking Madeleine’s heart and dooming her to life as a swan forever; even if she ruins her own chance at happiness.

In this retelling of Swan Lake, the lines of good and bad blur as Madeleine and Lucie choose between true love and true friendship.



London, Brussels, and Nice

It’s been awhile. I’ve been mostly instagramming, and you can follow me there at dawnraemiller. Blogging seems old, you know? However, it’s great for keeping track of my travel adventures so I can look back later. A travel journal, if you will. 

This summer’s adventure has brought me to Europe again. I  started in London last week, traveled to Belgium, and am now lounging beachside in Nice, France. I have a few more weeks to go, but haven’t felt like blogging until now. 

London was HOT. 90+ degrees hot. I nearly roasted on Monday, but Wednesday was the worst. There was a pleasant breeze in the morning, but by the afternoon, when we were stuck in a protest on a hop on and off bus, it was sweltering. However, desite this, I had a great time: stayed in Mayfair, had tea at the Dorchester, saw Wicked, and walked everywhere (I missing being able to walk to everything – a downside of having moved to the suburbs). 

The view from my flat

A few days later, I took the Eurostar to Brussels. I didn’t expect much, but was pleasantly surprised. However, it went until I trained it to Bruges that I felt that sense of awe I’m often left with when in Europe. Bruges was magnificent. Beautiful, quaint, and magical. Not even the light rain detoured me. I ate French fries, mussels, and chocolate (no beer for me). I had a private guide to show me around and share the history of the old town. By the time I left, I wish I’d had more days there. 


This morning, I caught a ridiculously early flight to Nice, France and am now sitting seaside, enjoying the sun. 

Nice, France
The rest of this trip is taking my throughout France. If you’d like to follow along, see my instagram. I’m a terrible blogger these days.