Posted in May 2012

New Site

I’m slowly migrating my old website to this site. You’ll notice the dates in the post don’t match the date stamps. This is because I cut and pasted from my old site. However, it should be easier to find posts and share them now.   Advertisements

Announcing Book 2’s Title!

Tuesday May 01 2012 It’s official! LS2 has a title – NIGHTINGALE. This poor book would probably still be untitled if it weren’t for Corrine Jackson (If I Lie – 2012, Touched – 2012) and her naming powers. I was becoming content to call it LS2 forever, which is bit like naming your child, “Boy.” … Continue reading

Feeling a Little Hungary?

Monday April 30 2012 Warning: this is a bittersweet post. My agent Kathleen called me early Tuesday morning as I was leaving to take my youngest son to school. Whenever I see her number pop up pre-eight AM, I know something is up. And I was right. Larkstorm sold to a Hungarian publisher! What does … Continue reading

Larkstorm is Going German

Wednesday April 18 2012 From Publishers Marketplace: “German rights to Dawn Rae Miller’s YA fantasy LARKSTORM, to Blanvalet, at auction, by Friederike Biesel of Thomas Schlueck Agency on behalf of Kathleen Ortiz of Nancy Coffey Literary and Media Representation.” *whistles* Yeah. So this happened last week and I forgot to blog it. HOW IS THAT … Continue reading

Why I Don’t Read Reviews

Saturday March 10 2012 No pictures or recipes today. Just words. Let’s talk about reviews. I LOVE when readers take the time to leave any kind of comment – be it simply marking off stars, or a number, or sitting down and writing a long post. I value each and every review – even the … Continue reading

The Best Books I’ve Read in 2011

Wednesday December 21 2011 Happy Holidays! This is the time of year when I feel like the most popular girl in email land! My inbox explodes as friends and family begin their hunt for perfect gift books. After typing up the same list a few times, I thought, “why not share my favorites on my … Continue reading

Best “Boy” Books of 2011

Tuesday December 13 2011 Since the holidays are upon us and books make great gifts for children, I thought I’d share my middle grade reading sons’ favorite books of 2011. All blurbs taken from Amazon. Do you have any great MG boy book recs? Leave them in the comments below.~dawn The Boy at the End … Continue reading

Larkstorm Trailer

Saturday December 03 2011 I’ve had a few questions about the trailer and thought I’d answer them here. 1. “Why did you go with an animated trailer instead of live action?” The short answer: Because I wanted to. I love anime and manga and wanted something in that vein. I also love simple illustration and … Continue reading

Why Yes, I am a Ghostwriter

Thursday September 22 2011 I did an interview with the lovely Amanda Hannah from YA Highway about my experiences ghostwriting. Check it out, and feel free to ask me questions. I’ll answer what I can.