Announcing Book 2’s Title!

Tuesday May 01 2012

It’s official! LS2 has a title – NIGHTINGALE.

This poor book would probably still be untitled if it weren’t for Corrine Jackson (If I Lie – 2012, Touched – 2012) and her naming powers. I was becoming content to call it LS2 forever, which is bit like naming your child, “Boy.” Not so good.

I love NIGHTINGALE for three reasons: first, a gale is a type of storm; second, nightingales are nightime birds and larks are morning birds; and third, there’s a famous bedroom scene in Romeo and Juliet about the lark and the nightingale.

What do you think?


I’ve released a short story called BEFORE. It’s only available on Amazon and only as an ebook. It includes the first eight Pageschapters  of Larkstorm. For those of you who haven’t read LS yet, this is a great way to sample more of LS than the look inside feature on Amazon.

Three years prior to LARKSTORM, Lark and her birthmate, Beck, attend her brother’s binding ceremony. Lark’s nervously looked forward to this moment since the invitation arrived: a chance to see finally see her mother face-to-face and to meet her brother’s new mate, Annalise. But she isn’t prepared for the hostility they have toward Beck and the hint of something darker, lurking beneath the merriment


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