My Kindle is Destroying Publishing. Or Me. Or My Wallet.

Wednesday March 23 2011
Dear AwesomeKindle1,

I don’t want to embarrass you, but you spoil me. Every morning, there you are, waiting patiently on my side table with the latest edition of the New York Times. When I hear about a new book on Twitter – BAM – you deliver within minutes. And if my son forgets his book at school? No problem, you say, I have a copy for you.

Admittedly, my wallet hates you. Really, really hates you. Since you came into my life a year ago, my book purchases have skyrocketed. In the two years prior to you, I estimate my total personal book purchases to be around fifteen. However, in the past year I’ve purchased – gulp – eighty-five books.  Ummm, yeah. Looks like you’re now competing with iTunes as my biggest money-spending enabler. Thanks.

You make traveling more enjoyable. I can slip hundreds of books in my handbag and not have to worry about how to make all of them fit.  This is important since Bug and I like to travel with carry-ons only as much as possible. Oh, and thank you for letting me download books without leaving the beach or woods or where ever I am.

But the best thing? My reluctant reader boys love you too. They spend more time reading with you than with a paper book. Even better, because you sync to my iPhone, I can get them to read in random places – like in line at the grocery store or huddled under an umbrella at their sibling’s lacrosse game. They never have an excuse to not have a book with them!

Still, people tell me you’re bad. That you’re going to ruin publishing. That paper books will cease to exist all because you’re so damn threatening.

Maybe they’re afraid because you’re like a drug pusher – always there with the newest, latest book tempting me to try it. Just try. Here, have a little sample. Oh….you like that, don’t you. I know you do. Click the button. It’s only $10.99. C’mon, what’s one little click between friends?

Yeah, sometimes I wish I could forget about you and go back to lugging huge tomes around. I wish my boys still turned up their noses at books. But mostly, I wish I didn’t buy so many books, because clearly, that is the demise of publishing.




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