Why I Don’t Read Reviews

Saturday March 10 2012

No pictures or recipes today. Just words.

Let’s talk about reviews. I LOVE when readers take the time to leave any kind of comment – be it simply marking off stars, or a number, or sitting down and writing a long post. I value each and every review – even the negative.

But I don’t read them.

Oh, I did once. When Larkstorm first came out, Goodreads was my crack and I hit refresh over and over again waiting for my next review fix. The same with Amazon. I COULD. NOT. STOP. LOOKING. And it made me crazy.

In a fit of despair, I asked my very-wise-and-has-been-through-it friend how she handled reviews. Her advice: stop looking.

So I did.

Because every review – even the glowing ones – messed with my head. At the time, I was struggling to draft LS2 and each comment about Larkstorm had my mind spinning. For example, if someone said they loved the romance aspect, I’d panick that I hadn’t written enough romance into book two’s draft. If someone else had questions about the world building, I’d stare at my manuscript and worry about how to answer those questions.

In short, the fancy outline and synopsis I developped prior to writing the draft? I had thrown it out and instead was writing off reviews for the previous book. Not good. My writing ground to a halt and the act of opening my manuscript gave me an anxiety attack.

So please don’t be upset if if I don’t respond your awesome review or retweet it on twitter. It’s not that I don’t appreciate the time you’ve given me – it’s that I value my sanity AND I want to write another amazing book for you.

And just know, more than anything, you are appreciated. A million times over.


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