Posted in June 2012

Paris Day 6: Special Delivery

You know what’s better than being in Paris? Being in Paris with your favorite person 😀 Bug “surprised” me yesterday. I had a feeling he was going visit me, but until I actually saw him peeking in my window, with his suitcase in one hand and a HUGE box of chocolates in the other, I … Continue reading

Paris Day 4 – Skipping Out

Since it rained all day yesterday, I didn’t do much other than pop out to eat lunch and have dinner with a friend. I spent the day working, or trying to work, and contemplating the fastest way to dry my soaking wet Tom’s. But today was gorgeous, nice and sunny…and I slept until 1pm because … Continue reading

Paris Day 3: Soloist

I didn’t go to bed until 5am last night. Not because I was out doing anything exciting, but because I’m still jet lagged. However, I woke up at 10:30am and made myself get going. Today was the first day since arriving that I haven’t had any plans with anyone. Just me, myself, and I alone … Continue reading

Paris Day 2 – Recovery

I woke up early and thought I’d have a full day ahead of me, but after typing up my blog post, I fell back to sleep and woke again at nearly one pm. I showered, determined to get ready quickly so I could do ALL THE THINGS, but instead, I ended up talking to Bug … Continue reading

Paris – Day 1

Thanks to having business class seating from Chicago to Charles de Gaulle, I arrived in Paris at 10:30am well-rested and alert. Apparently, I’m an interesting looking person because not only was I pulled out by the US TSA for additional inspection in Chicago, but French customs wanted to give me an extra-once over, too. And … Continue reading

The Great Paris Adventure

Hey guys! I’ve always been a little spontaneous and this is no different. After a trying morning, I decided to book myself a flight to Paris – for a month – leaving tonight. Crazy, I guess, but sometimes I get ideas in my head and know it’s what I need to do. It helps that … Continue reading