Posted in July 2012

Paris Day 37: A Trip to Nice-Ville

Really, that’s the name of the train station in Nice, France. I thought it was appropriate since someone is livid that I’ve spoken publicly about my husband’s affair and I’ve been instructed to be very careful about what I write and tweet. O.o This means, I won’t be mentioning the affair after this post because … Continue reading

The Official Nightingale Playlist

Like the book, the Nightingale playlist is broken into two parts. And yes, there’s a lot of angst, but there are also parties and, at points, total chaos. ~dawn 1. Need You Now – Lady Antebellum 2. Poison & Wine – The Civil Wars 3. Faded from the Winter – Iron and Wine 4. Give … Continue reading

Model Behavior

While trying to find something non-gluten for brunch today, I came across a photo shoot. You can’t tell from this angle, but she’s in lingerie & smoking a cigarette.

Paris Day 21: Maybe New Hair?

Full confession: Liam, the hair stylist with the captivating chest hair, is one of the most gorgeous people I’ve ever seen. Alas, he’s maybe twenty-five and gay, but OH MY, OH MY. Today, he had a lovely five o’clock shadow, something I’ve always been a huge fan of (Bug is very indulgent and leaves his … Continue reading

Paris Day 17 Part II: For Fun

Shot these tonight, at Notre Dame, when out for a walk around 11pm. Hopefully, the sound works. None of my youtube videos have sound on my computer, but they seem to work on my phone. Rollerbladers who terrified me.   The most graceful hulahooper ever (WITH FIRE): Poi (For my brother, Joss): And the Firework … Continue reading

Paris Day 17: Dancing in the Streets

One of the things I love about Paris is that no matter where I go, something interesting is always happening. After our rough day when we saw the scooter accident, I decided Bug and I needed to get out and do something or we were going to drown in misery. I’m glad we did – … Continue reading

Paris day 14: Living with PTSD

Today hasn’t been the greatest day. It started off with me panicking because Bug wanted to fly to Budapest for the weekend and the thought of getting on an airplane sent me over the edge. I’m not afraid to fly, so this caught me off guard. To calm me down, we went for an extremely … Continue reading

Paris Day 12: Sales and Depression

For those that don’t know, July in France means one important thing: Sale Season. Twice a year, the entire country hosts sales for a month. During this time, you can find amazing deals – and since Bug and I love to shop, it’s been like dropping two drug addicts off in the middle of crack … Continue reading

Paris Day 10: Lazy Sunday

So Bug’s here, which means…well, my husband is here, with me in Paris. Paris is an amazing place. And I haven’t been posting much. We’ll leave it at that. But today is Sunday and at home, he and I have a Sunday ritual – send the boys downstairs to Grandma and Grandpa’s house at 7am … Continue reading