Outfit Post: Sunday Brunch in Paris


Don’t call it a come back…

A “Mom Wore This Post”!*

Until I arrived in Paris, I believed no city could possibly love Le Brunch as much as San Francisco. I was soooo wrong. Brunch is a way of life here and restaurants serve nothing else between 11am and 4pm. This is a little problematic for me as traditional French brunch is pastry heavy, but we’ve managed to find a few places that serve eggs and salmon.

Sundays also seem to be the day French women dress down. Hair is thrown in messy top knots, faces are freshly scrubbed, but the outfits are still pulled together. I think the point is to look like you rolled out of bed, into an amazing outfit, and just know you look fabulous. It took me a while to embrace the messy look, but with the use of hair powder, I’ve come around.  I’ve been a fan of dry shampoo for a long time, and I especially love it on days I topknot my hair. It adds just enough texture to make my bun big and full. While here, I discovered Klorane Gentle Dry Shampoo (normally I use Bumble & Bumble) and love it. Not too heavy or sticky, and it does an amazing job of making my hair look shiny clean.

The outfit:

Casual Sunday brunch

The Outfit:

Skirt: Comfy, old chambray skirt from JCrew. It’s a little wrinkled in the picture because I’d been sitting on the door stoop for a while.

Top: Attic and Barn – I love prints and their collection is full of patterns.

Bag: Ted Baker Hickory in dark red.

Shoes: My super trusty Franco Sarto cork heel wedges. I’ve had these for at least six years and still love them.

Earrings: Multi-gem waterfall from Jennifer Tuton.

Sunglasses: Paul Frank Far Away and Lost in Joy in crimson stripe.

The Schedule:

9am – Wake up. At home, I’m typically up by 5am, but I’ve gotten lazy this summer. Of course, I also stay up until 2am almost every night.

11am – quick stop at the grocery store before it closes for the day.

12pm – Brunch

2pm – kind of, sort of work on the final Nightingale revision notes. They’re due Thursday, and I plan on spending all day tomorrow – after my therapy session – working on them.

3:30pm – send the kids to the patisserie for bread and the gelato shop.

7pm – dinner

9:30 pm – boys to bed

10:00 – work a little more on NG

11:30 – convince Bug sleep is over-rated and we should watch a movie.

2am – BED

*Mom Wore This was a blog I ran featuring my daily schedule and outfit along with the outfits and profiles of other moms.


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