Outfit Post: A Navy and Green Day in the Jardin


The Jardin Acclimatation is a huge park/amusement park/zoo/water play land situated in the Bois de Boulogne, a massive green area on the western side of Paris. Bug and I had heard rumors of this fabulous place, but we were skeptical. After all, how different can a big playground be?

Turns out, it’s rather fantastic. For a small fee (3-euro, I think) you get admission to the park. Rides cost extra and are a little pricey, but there are also free playgrounds, activities, and a splash pool for younger children.

AND THERE’S AN AMAZING BRUNCH. Finally, after three months of searching, I found a brunch that I loved at the Pavillion de Oiseaux, a restaurant inside the park. We thought it would be a typical park restaurant with bad, reheated food, but no. It was amazing. Even though reservations are requested, and the place was packed, we landed a table on the outside patio after a five minute wait. Food is served buffet style, but instead of being heavy on pastries and fromage blanc like the other brunches we’ve had, this one had salmon, green beans, salads, made-to-order eggs and crepes, steak au poive, cheese, fruit, dessert, and of course, pastries. Topped off with champagne, and it was perfect 😀

After we finished gorging, we explored the rest of the park. The boys loved the “Forest Adventure” zone which is a giant play area made of wood. One of the most popular attractions: A wooden fence that the kids climbed all over. Who knew?

Pudge on a portion of the wooden climbing fence.

There’s also a mirror maze that confused poor Fox so badly that he walked into a few walls. I’m happy to report that I beat the rest of my family out of the maze and proceeded to stand outside and laugh at them 😀  The aviary of exotic chickens was bizarre, but very charming, and the walk of distortion mirrors was also hit.

Bug showing off his ideal physique in a fun mirror.

If you’re traveling to Paris with children, I highly recommend spending the day at the Jardin. There are plenty of places to picnic, kick a soccer ball, and enjoy the sun. This is probably one of my favorite places I’ve visited in Paris and honestly, I’d come back even without my kids just to have brunch and lay on the grass.

Striking a pose in the Jardin Acclimatation.

The Outfit:

Top: By Sunhee Moon, my favorite San Francisco designer. This shirt has hidden side pockets and neck pleating. It’s from three or four summers ago, and I love it. The shop still carries something similar.

Sweater: Navy, open front cardigan from Zara.

Belt: Banana Republic (I wear this with everything.)

Jeans: Levi’s Demi curve Skinny

Boots: Repetto, Rita

Sunglasses: Paul Frank

Earrings: Random silver hoops I picked up years ago.


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