Outfit Post: San Francisco – Feeling Foggy

Ahhh…the fog. Anyone who waxes romantic about it hasn’t lived in it 365 days a year. Most people don’t realize San Francisco is a foggy, chilly, damp place that quite possibly was torn from somewhere in Ireland and plopped down on the west coast of the US. This would also explain the abundance of Irish accents floating around the City. And the Irish football teams in Golden Gate Park.

After being gone for several months, it’s hard waking up everyday to a constant gray, dampness. Doesn’t exactly lead to lifted spirits.

And yet, there is a certain beauty to it.

Giving the fog my best, “Don’t you dare” glare. It didn’t work.

One thing that is nice about being back in San Francisco is I can wear “winter” clothes again. As much as I loved being able to wear sundresses  – during the summer, for the first time ever in twelve years – I missed my cool weather clothes. I’m a sucker for tweed, cord, tights, scarves, jackets, and cashmere.

And I’m not the only one. While in Paris, Bug picked up this orange, wool coat. It’s loud and bright, and you cannot miss him in it. I think it looks fabulous.

He’s flashy.

Early this morning, we took a walk through the Presidio, sans kids, and on our way home we passed a little jewelry store. Being only 8am, it was closed, but we window shopped for a bit before heading home, where Bug made a huge breakfast of eggs and potatoes – just like he used to before I left for Paris.

A little later, while I home schooled our oldest boys, he and the Colonel went out on a few errand and returned with two new necklaces for me. One I had eyed in the window and the other was something he picked out himself. I think he did a great job.

This necklace can be worn long, doubled, or draped. It’s the one Bug picked out for me.

The Schedule:

5am – Wake up

7am – Go for walk

9am – Start home school for the day.

10-11am – Housework will the boys work on math.

12am – Run down to Half Moon Bay for chicken feed

1:30pm – Shop for dress shoes and slacks for Pudge who starts social dancing tonight.

3:30pm – Lunch


6:30pm – Pudge leaves for dance class, the rest of us play poker

7pm – Little ones to bed

8:30pm – Pick up Pudge and his friends

11:00pm – Attempt to go to bed (Jet lag is killing me!)

The Outfit:

Dress: Chambray shirt-dress from Sun Hee Moon.

Tights: Wolford Lara Tights in cordial.

Bag: Tweed Burberry that was a Christmas present several years ago

Shoes: Navy Nine West Loafers

Sunglass: Prada

Necklace: Covet, San Francisco

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