Contest – Capital Girls: Secrets and Lies ARC

Since I’m moving to DC next month, I’m celebrating by giving away* an advance reader copy of Capital Girls: Secrets and Lies (Nov. 13, 012). I read the first book in the series over the summer and it was one of my guilty pleasures. If you love Gossip Girl-type books, this is a great one.

Amazon blurb:

Jealousy, rivalry, and dark secrets threaten to tear the girls apart in this sizzling follow-up to Capital Girls
It’s the start of senior year, and Excelsior Prep is on Code 3 lockdown. Secret Service agents swarm the halls searching for the First Son’s girlfriend, Jackie Whitman. Outside a SWAT team hunts for the man who’s been threatening the First Family for weeks. Only this time he’s singled out Jackie, leaving a menacing message on the school’s voicemail. Jackie’s safe for now, but for the Capital Girls—three privileged kids who live in a political fishbowl in the nation’s capital—every day is filled with tension and thrills. Though, even for them, a raid on the school by AK-47-toting marksmen is a standout.

And a stalker isn’t Jackie’s only problem. Still shattered by the shocking news that Andrew cheated on her with Taylor the night Taylor died, Jackie’s whole world has fallen apart. Not only did the love of her life betray her, so did her best friend and idol. What made Taylor do it? Who was she really? On top of it all, Whiteny Remick is plotting to take Taylor’s place, and Jackie will do anything to stop her.


What do you need to do to win?

If you’ve been reading my blog, you know I’ve been traveling around for the past several months and have finally found a new city to call home. So to win, all you have to do is write ONE SENTENCE in the comments below that tells me what you love about your home city, town, or village. Who knows, maybe I’ll end up in your town on my next big adventure!

You’ll also get (+1’s) for retweeting and facebooking through the links below. Contest ends 10/8/2012.


*Open to US residents only


4 thoughts on “Contest – Capital Girls: Secrets and Lies ARC

  1. Bloomington, IL is a big little town. We have 2 universities, 1 Jr. College and are 2 hours from Chicago. I love the family atomoshphere with easy acess to Chicago

  2. No entry, but I wanted to put in a sentence. I love Madison, WI because the quirky, the odd, the free spirits are all encouraged to exist, accepted (often with amusement), and are part of the flavor of our city.

  3. Even though a 500 year flood tore through the heart of Cedar Rapids, IA, leaving behind unimaginable destruction and devastation, the true heart of the city (its people) never stopped beating for a second.

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