Posted in October 2012

Road Trip: Knoxville to Northern Virginia

We are home. It’s strange, but as we crossed the Tennessee-Virginia border, all the heaviness that has pressed on my heart for the past year lifted. And when I felt Bug’s hand in mine, I turned toward him and smiled. Really smiled. I’m so ready for this. Advertisements

Road Trip: Memphis to Knoxville

  Another late start today. What has happened to my family? We’ve always been early risers – like 5:30am early – but now, no one can drag themselves out of bed before nine. This, I fear, doesn’t bode well for when they start traditional school next week. Or for when Bug actually has to start … Continue reading

Road Trip: Oklahoma City to Memphis

  Yesterday was probably the most boring – yet eventful – day on the trip so far. We had grand plans to visit the Clinton Presidential Library (Bug and I had our first date at a Clinton fundraiser) and hang out in Memphis listening to music in the evening. Alas, the best laid plans of … Continue reading

Road Trip: New Mexico to Oklahoma

Some thoughts from the long, long drive yesterday: New Mexico is gorgeous and, at times, looks a bit like an alien landscape. My son kept asking about nuclear testing and what the government did with all the people when they performed the atomic bomb tests. He didn’t understand that there is just a whole bunch … Continue reading

Road Trip: Arizona to New Mexico

We had good intentions to start the day early. Really, we did. We’d stayed the night in Kingman, Arizona and  planned on getting to Albuquerque no later than 6pm. Alas, we didn’t leave our hotel until around eleven because Bug had some work stuff to do. We then decided to side-trip up to the Grand … Continue reading

Virginia or Bust: California to Arizona

Yesterday, we loaded up the car, took one last look around, wiped away tears, and left San Francisco. I had to bite my lip to keep my sobs locked in – I didn’t want the boys to see how upset I was. All week, I’d been selling them on the adventure and how wonderful everything … Continue reading

Odds and Ends

It’s official: we’re moving. Not that it wasn’t official before, but now everything is loaded on the van and my house is empty except for our suitcases. No going back. There were tears. Mostly when I thought about all the love that has happened here. Memories of the boys, in their footy jammies, toddling around … Continue reading

Outfit Post: Creamed

I tried to do this hair curling technique today and…well, I don’t know. It looked great when I first did it – just like at the end of the video – but took forever to do. The pictures below were taken about six hours later and while my hair was still curled, it was no … Continue reading

Outfit Post: Olive and Orange

Lately, I feel like my life is in holding pattern: waiting to pack, waiting to move, waiting to get on with things. Which means, I’m bored. Insanely bored. And a bored Dawn is not a good thing. Usually, I channel my boredom into writing or knitting, but that would require me to be home. And … Continue reading