Outfit Post: Olive and Orange

Lately, I feel like my life is in holding pattern: waiting to pack, waiting to move, waiting to get on with things. Which means, I’m bored. Insanely bored. And a bored Dawn is not a good thing.

Usually, I channel my boredom into writing or knitting, but that would require me to be home. And being home reminds me of not-so-great things. So instead, I’ve been working on decorating my new house. Which would be fine except I have no room measurements, questionable pictures, and a spotty memory of what it all looked like. Still, Bug and I have been dragging our kids around to furniture and design stores, and doing our best to help the economy. Normally, I’d wait until we were in Virginia to do all this, but most of the furniture has an eight-to-ten week turn around and I don’t want to live in a furniture-less home for two months. Plus, most of the stores had sales over the weekend and I like a good bargain.

What does that have to do with my outfit? Well, I’ve been obsessing about colors. I love pattern and texture and pops of color, and keeping that in mind, I decided to pair orange (one of my favorite colors) with olive (a nice, solid neutral). I also love these tights – they’re fun and give a bit of textural interest to the outfit.

Street style…maybe…

The Outfit:

Dress: Orange sweatshirt dress by O (random Dutch designer)

Jacket: Really old Ann Taylor loft jacket. This is one of the few pieces I didn’t give away even though it’s six sizes too big. I’m praying it can be taken in that much.

Tights: Wolford Mikado tights in myrtle

Boots: Repetto Rampage in suede khaki (which is really olive green)

Bag: Older Orla Kiely

Necklace: Covet San Francisco (I wore this last week doubled)

Sunglass: Prada (The Colonel refers to this as my “Bee” sunglasses.)

Cuff: Dawali multi strand cuff in burnt gold.

The Schedule:

5:30am – Wake up with full-on panic attack. After much back and forth with Bug, I agree to take my meds and, thankfully, fall back to sleep.

10:30am – Wake up again. Bug took my early morning dentist appointment, so I could sleep, and had already feed the kids and started them on school.

11am – Watch the boys’ performance of Gangnam style and shower.

12pm – Bug made lunch for all of us.

1pm – Head downtown to make a few returns. Ended up shopping O.o

6pm – Head home and make dinner (homemade pot pies. I’m trying to use up all our food before the movers come).

8pm – Boys to bed

9-12am – Hang out with Bug and do a little work.

And if you haven’t already been exposed to the amazingness of Gangnam Style, here you go. You’re welcome.

2 thoughts on “Outfit Post: Olive and Orange

  1. I’m thinking this is your best outfit yet. I love the orange dress and you know? Orange is hard for a lot of people to pull off.

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