Road Trip: Arizona to New Mexico

Oh hey, Arizona, nice to see you!

We had good intentions to start the day early. Really, we did. We’d stayed the night in Kingman, Arizona and  planned on getting to Albuquerque no later than 6pm.

Alas, we didn’t leave our hotel until around eleven because Bug had some work stuff to do. We then decided to side-trip up to the Grand Canyon which added about three hours to the day. Totally worth it though:

Not even 1/1000 of how amazing it is in person.

Bug and I had taken the boys a few years earlier but it was snowing so hard, no one wanted to leave the car. This, mind you, was in the middle of May and we’d just spent a few days lounging next to a pool in Scottsdale. Today was much more pleasant, although very windy. Driving through the valleys  proved challenging as the gusts shook the car and often pushed us into the other lane. Two-hand driving all the way.

The biggest challenge being on the road (other than having spoiled cats who want to sit on our laps constantly) is food and lack of exercise. Pudge is a strict vegetarian and I can’t have gluten or red meat. As you can imagine, we are a barrel of fun in fast food restaurants. Salads, water, sides of fruit, and “grilled cheeses” – aka cheeseburger hold the meat – are about it for us. I think tomorrow, I’m going to find a Safeway before heading out and buy some mini-bags of carrots, apples, and some nuts. As for the exercise, sitting so many hours is hard on the body. Both Bug and I are dying for a run, but I don’t see it happening until we arrive in Virginia. For now, we’ll just have to do periodic stretching breaks.

The second biggest challenge is keeping all the devices charged. Since Bug is trying to work on the road, he needs to keep his laptop and phone charged and within easy access. The boys have been watching movies on the iPad, which, when it runs out of juice, I tether to my laptop. Then there’s the GPS and my phone plugged into the stereo. Basically, it looks like we’ve robbed a Best Buy. First World problems, right?

Here’s one last picture from the day. It would be perfect if the Fox where with us.

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