Road Trip: New Mexico to Oklahoma

Some thoughts from the long, long drive yesterday:

  1. New Mexico is gorgeous and, at times, looks a bit like an alien landscape. My son kept asking about nuclear testing and what the government did with all the people when they performed the atomic bomb tests. He didn’t understand that there is just a whole bunch of nothing in vast regions of the state. So, I jokingly told him that this is why New Mexico is filled with overly tall mutants. He believed me.
  2. The Texas Panhandle has insane amounts of wind. Any time we stopped for gas, the wind would rip the door of the car from my hands. It’s also flat, vast, and seemingly endless.
  3. Oklahoma stole my heart. Crossing the border from Texas was like entering a whole new world. There were trees and rolling hills and meandering creeks. I wanted to find a spot and spread out a picnic under the fluffy clouds. Also, HOLY BELT BUCKLES. We stopped for dinner and I’ve never seen so many cowboy hats, overalls, and massively impressive belt buckles in my life. Bug and I felt so out-of-place. Especially him, with his pink shirt – lol.
  4. Packing the car is an exercise in spacial relations. Every night, we pull out the suitcases and the cats, and every morning, we have to repack it. It may not look like it, but this is a perfectly packed car:

Today, we’re suppose to head to Memphis via Little Rock. However, as I type this, The Colonel is puking in the bathroom. Bug is determined to press on, but I don’t want to load a sick little boy into the car. Fingers crossed he feels better soon. In the meantime, I’m finishing up a sample chapter for my *hopefully* new book.

Oh…before I forget…GO, GIANTS!

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