Road Trip: Oklahoma City to Memphis


Yesterday was probably the most boring – yet eventful – day on the trip so far. We had grand plans to visit the Clinton Presidential Library (Bug and I had our first date at a Clinton fundraiser) and hang out in Memphis listening to music in the evening. Alas, the best laid plans of mice and men…

First, The Colonel woke up and puked. Multiple times. We ended up asking for a late check-out and praying he’d feel well enough to drive. Once I thought he was okay, we loaded up the car. I took the first leg of the trip because Bug had a phone call. Unfortunately, about 100 miles in, the boys and I were starving, so I took the first exit that showed food. WRONG CHOICE. It was a toll road and the first exit was nine miles down the road. Even better, there was nowhere to turn around. Hello, eighteen mile pointless detour.

When we got back on Highway 40, Bug took over the driving. That’s when the howling rain came. If I thought the wind was bad the day before, the rain + wind was scary. Because of this, we ended up skipping the Clinton Library and headed straight for Memphis.

Somewhere between Little Rock and Memphis, a migraine invaded my brain. Have you ever had a migraine at night on a highway. The headlights were killing me and it took every ounce of concentration to not vomit.

Anyway, the hijinks continued when we reached our hotel. No pets allowed. The very unhappy cats had to sleep in the car for the night – in the rain storm.

Speaking of rain storm, last night was the first we’d heard of the massive hurricane headed toward the East Coast. Needless to say, our travel plans have changed. No more coastal drive. Instead, we’re heading into the mountains today.

Wish us luck.

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