14 Things Every Aspiring Writer Should Do

When people discover I’m an author, they usually ask one of two things: How do you come up with ideas? And what should I do if I want to be a writer?

I could go on about perfecting the craft and writing every day, etc., but honestly, I think that’s a given. If you want to become better at something, you do it. Over and over again.

Instead, I have the following list of suggestions I think help create richer stories and more complex characters. Plus, most of them are just fun 😀

14. Go to a party where you know no one – possibly not even the host.

13. Take acting classes and learn to think like your characters.

12. Talk to the elderly. They often have the best stories.

11. Ride a bike or walk around town for the day or two. The world looks different when it isn’t whirling past.

10. Talk to the stranger behind you in line. You never know what quirky habits you’ll find. Or, even better, hobbies. Like taxidermy. Or keeping pet snails.

9. Eat weird things. Just do this. It’s good for you. Trust me.

8. Dine alone and keep your nose out of your smart phone. Restaurants are full of excellent people watching.

7. Daydream.

6. Land in a foreign country where you can’t speak the language. Scary, funny, and all-around learning experience.

5. Be open to the possibility of heartbreak.

4. Get bored. The best ideas are often born from boredom.

3. Carry a notebook & pencil everywhere.

2. Remember that real life experiences trump living online.

1. Read.

Is there anything you’d add? Please post in the comments.



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