Posted in January 2013

CRUSHED Has a New Cover

Sometimes, even good things need to change. Such is the case with Crushed’s cover. While the original worked in digital format, it didn’t translate well to paperback. The new cover has the same image, but it’s been manipulated differently & the font has been updated. But most importantly, I love it! Advertisements

What’s Your Favorite Action Scene Song?

Give me your favorites! I’m compiling e a TOP TEN Action Scene Playlists. Action here meaning fighting, running, car chases, etc. not hot and heavy love scenes 😀 Write your choice in the comments and next week I’ll share the Top Ten.

Treadmill Desk

Since moving to the suburbs, I’ve found myself sitting more than normal. In the City, when I needed a mid-day break (or wanted lunch), I’d walk two blocks over and find myself in the middle of Clement Street – the land of cheap Chinese food, cute cafes, and boutiques. Here, I walk two blocks and … Continue reading

We’re All Steubenville

If you’ve been anywhere near a news site I’m sure you’ve heard about Steubenville. You may have watched the appalling video. You may have even read a news story or two. You may have become enraged. Enraged a young woman was violated. Again. Enraged drinking, drugs, and sex are not only prevalent in teens lives, … Continue reading