Posted in June 2013

Paris/London Day 12: EVACUATE!

Ha! The past two days have been full of excitement. After deciding the French will never fix the locked door and my shin makes me look like I went ten rounds in a cage fight, I let Bug convince me to join him in London. He’s here for business, and the plan was originally, he’d … Continue reading

Paris Day 9: Lock Down

The day started late yesterday because unlike me, Erin needed more than three hours of sleep to recover from Fete. It was her last day, but all we had planned was a trip to our new favorite puzzle store. We’ve become obsessed with two different mind-teasers and wanted to pick up a few for friends … Continue reading

Paris Day 7: Fete de la Musique

Today started slowly with Erin and I doing some shopping near the apartment. We found an adorable toy shop and of course, had to buy toys for our little ones. We walked to Point Zero and FORGOT TO MAKE OUR WISHES! After, I took her to my favorite crepe place on the Left Bank – … Continue reading

Paris Day 5 – The Virgin

Where should I start? With a failed attempted run this morning that lead to me puking and falling back to sleep for two hours? I’m unsure if I ate an awful apricot or I accidentally OD’d myself with a drugstore of meds I took last night. Either way, I felt terrible. Bug kissed me good-bye … Continue reading

Paris Day 3 – The Babysitters

The day started off slowly with me not rolling out of bed until well after noon. Sometime around one, Bug and I made our way into the heart of the Marais and to Vito’s, our favorite Sunday Brunch spot. After brunch, we did some *gasp* shopping. On Sundays, large sections of the Marais are closed … Continue reading

Paris Day 1: The Grand Ball at Versailles

We arrived in Paris early Friday morning, and after making it through customs and finding our baggage, boarded the RER for Chatelet. From there we transferred to Rambateau and made our way over to the property manager’s office. Ruth was waiting for us and helped us move in to our apartment (meaning, she helped carry … Continue reading

The Great Paris Adventure Part II

It’s that time of year again – Time for Dawn’s Adventures in Paris. Unlike last year, this trip is a bit more planned, and sadly, shorter. Some of the things I’ll be doing: 1. The Grand Ball at Versailles tomorrow night (!) 2. Fete de la Musique 3. Getting Erin Brambilla to eat cheese (Seriously, … Continue reading

It’s My Book Birthday!

It’s out! It’s out! My novella, REBEL, is officially on sale today! If you’ve followed me Twitter or here on the blog, you know this past year hasn’t exactly been my best ever. Unfortunately, my writing suffered because of it, and I spent months struggling to scratch out a few measly words a week. Writing … Continue reading