Paris Day 7: Fete de la Musique

Today started slowly with Erin and I doing some shopping near the apartment. We found an adorable toy shop and of course, had to buy toys for our little ones.

We walked to Point Zero and FORGOT TO MAKE OUR WISHES!

After, I took her to my favorite crepe place on the Left Bank – Creperie des Arts. I had the caramel and salt; she had chocolate.

Once we were full, we hopped on the RER C for the Eiffel Tower. I’ll say this, I never want to see that thing up close again. Too many pickpockets, con men, and sketchiness for my liking. Plus the plaza is under construction.

I did get these photos thought:

effeil closeup


We then took a stroll along the river and headed home. We needed rest before the real part of the day started: Fete de la Musique. For those that don’t know, it’s a city-wide FREE music festival for the Summer solstice. There are street vendors selling beer and punch as well as food vendors and, of course, DJ’s, performers, and musicians. It’s incredible.

(Thanks to Erin for the video)



We ended up at Sacre Couer, drinking beer and watching the city of Paris stretched out before us. A perfect evening.


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