Posted in July 2013

Word of the Day: modicum

Modicum is another of my favorite words. According to the definition is thus: mod·i·cum  (md-km)n. pl. mod·i·cums or mod·i·ca (-k) A small, moderate, or token amount: EX: Somewhere in his declaration of love was a modicum of truth. At least, she hoped there was. Advertisements

Word of the Day

I’m a word nerd. I love using vocabulary words (and yes, I kicked ass on that portion of the SAT) and often try to work a new ones into my daily conversations. Lucky you, I’m sharing my love of words with you! Today’s word: CIRCUITOUS According to the American Heritage Dictionary, circuitous is an adjective … Continue reading

New Playlist for New WIP

I’ve reached that point in my manuscript where I NEED a playlist. Up till now, I’ve been writing without music, but the book is in need of some emotional temperature – which I typically find in music. Without saying what the manuscript is about, here’s my new playlist (BONUS: it’s fun to run to if … Continue reading