Outfit post: Orange and black

Years ago, I used to be a Halloween fanatic. I made all the boys costumes, carved pumpkins, meticulously cut out construction paper rats and decorated the house.

Now, we’re lucky the boys have costumes. That’s how lame I am. At least we have pumpkins (uncarved) in front of the house.

Anyway, today I wanted to feel Halloween-ish without wearing a giant pumpkin shirt.

Here’s what I came up with:




The Outfit:

Black leggings with leather patches – JCrew

Chiffon shell – Banana Republic

Orange peacoat – Old, Old very old GAP

Shoes – Anthropologie

The Schedule:

8am – 9am – Personal training

10:30 – 1pm – Doctor’s visit for pre-op. I’m having my thyroid unexpectedly removed next week (was supposed to happen in January, so everything is being accelerated).

1:30-3:00 – NAP

3:30 – 4:30 – Attempt to carve a pumpkin. It comes out like a sad panda.

5:30- dinner

6pm – Trick or TREAT!

Outfit Post: splash of hot pink

Knowing I had to spend a good portion of my day at the doctor’s office motivated me to try to find something fun and cheery to wear today. And what’s more fun than a hot pink fluted skirt and sassy stockings?

My hair is a mess from having to take my shirt on and off a few times, but I think the outfit still looks right.

Full body:




Missoni scarf:


Full outfit with pumpkins!


The boots:


The Outfit:

Shirt: Banana Republic petites textured pullover

Skirt: Banana Republic petites in hot pink.

Stockings: Wolford

Boots: TARGET 😀

Scarf: Missoni knit


The Schedule:

8:30 – 2:30 – Doctor’s office. YUCK.

2:30 – 5 – answer email, work, catch-up on stuff

5pm – make dinner

6pm – dinner

7:30pm – boys to bed

7:30 – 9pm – write

9-11pm – visit with Bug

Outfit Post: High-Low

This outfit is actually from Tuesday. I forgot to post it, but I think it was a winner.

I wanted to mix and match the more expensive things I owned with cheaper stuff. I like the outcome.


I love this scarf. Bug surprised me with it while we were in Nice this summer. I’ve always wanted an Hermes scarf, and this one is so beautiful.



The Outfit:

Navy asymetrical sweater tucked in – GAP

Light camel wool skirt – JCrew

Navy alligator skinny belt – JCrew

Navy stockings – Wolford

Hermes scarf

Marc Jacobs small Fulton handbag in Navy

Boots – Repetto


The Schedule:

I can’t remember what I did Tuesday. Isn’t that sad? I think I may have gone to my friend’s house and taken the oldest boy to lacrosse. Other than that, it’s a blur.

But today I cleaned the house (still no house cleaner since the last one we fired) and wrote at Panera for a while. Rather productive day. Now I’m going to read a little of The Book Thief.