Posted in October 2013

Outfit post: Orange and black

Years ago, I used to be a Halloween fanatic. I made all the boys costumes, carved pumpkins, meticulously cut out construction paper rats and decorated the house. Now, we’re lucky the boys have costumes. That’s how lame I am. At least we have pumpkins (uncarved) in front of the house. Anyway, today I wanted to … Continue reading

Outfit Post: splash of hot pink

Knowing I had to spend a good portion of my day at the doctor’s office motivated me to try to find something fun and cheery to wear today. And what’s more fun than a hot pink fluted skirt and sassy stockings? My hair is a mess from having to take my shirt on and off … Continue reading

Outfit Post: High-Low

This outfit is actually from Tuesday. I forgot to post it, but I think it was a winner. I wanted to mix and match the more expensive things I owned with cheaper stuff. I like the outcome. I love this scarf. Bug surprised me with it while we were in Nice this summer. I’ve always … Continue reading

Outfit Post: Brownie

I love brownies. Any kind, but it must have some sort of gooey chocolateness. It must be messy – either crumbly or sticky. Today’s outfit reminds me of a less messy brownie. Maybe a blondie mixed with a brownie? I don’t know, I’m reaching here. Anyway, I’ve said before that I’m not big into wearing … Continue reading

Outfit post: black and navy

It’s gloomy and a little rainy in Northern Virginia today. Have I told you that I’m not a fan of East Coast seasons? Give me my San Francisco Dry season and Rainy season with healthy doses of over-the-Golden-Gate-Bridge-escape-the-fog trips, and I’m happy. Here, there is no escaping crappy weather – it follows you everywhere 😦 … Continue reading