Outfit post: black and navy

It’s gloomy and a little rainy in Northern Virginia today. Have I told you that I’m not a fan of East Coast seasons? Give me my San Francisco Dry season and Rainy season with healthy doses of over-the-Golden-Gate-Bridge-escape-the-fog trips, and I’m happy. Here, there is no escaping crappy weather – it follows you everywhere 😦

Anyway, in today’s outfit post (I know, I know, I’ve been very lazy about these), I’m wearing things that are completely impractical in the drizzle – leather and suede.

blue and black jacket

Sorry it’s so blurry – my normal photographers had to go to school, leaving me with just my mirror and iPhone.

The Outfit:

Levi’s demi curve (my favorite jeans and I’ve tried them all. Joe’s come in second for me, but Levi’s are the best).

Navy tweed with black leather arms jacket. I like the edginess of this one with the zippers.

Black suede 5″ booties. I snagged these at Target! Total win!


The Schedule:

8am – personal training. Ab and ass work today. Fun stuff.

10am – manicure

12pm – therapy (gotta get all that angst out somewhere other than the page sometimes)

2pm – The Fox’s dentist appointment

3:45pm – Pick The Colonel up from Hip Hop class

5:15-6:15pm – Pudge has lacrosse

6:45pm – Dinner (Veggie fried rice tonight – yum!)

7:30pm – Boys in bed

8:00pm – hopefully a little writing.

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