Posted in November 2013

Hungarian Larkstorm Cover Reveal

I’m so happy my Hungarian publisher decided to use the original artwork by Sarah Marino. It’s so lovely. The font is slightly different and so is the position of the title, but overall, it captures the feeling Sarah and I were originally aiming for. But you know what’s really awesome about this cover? It’s for … Continue reading

Outfit Post: Animalistic

I didn’t start out wearing what I have on today. Instead, I had on a chambray shirt, leggings, and a scarf, but it didn’t feel right. I don’t know why – it looked cute. So, instead I decided to build an outfit around my giraffe necklace. I thought the cheetah print tank was the perfect … Continue reading

Outfit Post: Holiday Sweaters

I must confess, I am not a holiday person. I’m not a Scrooge, but I don’t really get into all the merriment and gift-giving and whatnot. So for me to buy a “holiday” sweater it has to be cute. I got this one from JCrew. In the store and in my closet it looked orange … Continue reading

Outfit Post: Getting Preppy

Today’s outfit was bought directly off a mannequin. So zero creativity on my part. I was drawn to the preppiness. I think next time I may try pairing it with an oatmeal-colored, straight skirt, but denim today since I was volunteering in my son’s first grade class. (And a special shout out to my beloved, … Continue reading

Outfit Post: French 80’s Style

The other day, I lamented on Facebook that I miss Paris. My friends, being the awesome people they are, came up with a list of things I could do to make me feel like I’m back in my favorite place. Eventually, we hit upon doing a 80’s style post since Parisians love their MC hammer … Continue reading

Outfit Post: Casual Thursday

My plan for today was to write, write, write, but instead I went shopping and wrote a little (2000 words!). My outfit reflects my casual state of mind – easy and low maintenance. I find that when I’m wearing something somewhat boring (black sweater and jeans), a bright pop of color like this scarf ups … Continue reading

Outfit Post: Teddy Bear

When it’s chilly, I love to wrap up in cozy sweaters. This light weight merino wool is my new favorite – it’s silky smooth and very warm without any bulk. I also love the deep cowl…hmmm…maybe I should add a necklace? Off white pants. My biggest fashion fear. I have children. Messy children. Plus, everyone … Continue reading

Outfit post: Cashmere and Cord

I’m still feeling groggy and off from my surgery last week. To pick myself up, I decided to wear a few of my favorite cozy things – thin, soft cashmere and cord. You’ll probably also notice my hair is much longer – the magic of extensions. I’m kinda loving them at the moment. This is … Continue reading