Outfit post: Cashmere and Cord

I’m still feeling groggy and off from my surgery last week. To pick myself up, I decided to wear a few of my favorite cozy things – thin, soft cashmere and cord. You’ll probably also notice my hair is much longer – the magic of extensions. I’m kinda loving them at the moment.

This is what I’m recovering from – tumor removed from the right side of my thyroid lobe. The good news is that I don’t have to be on hormones and I didn’t even need a lobectomy 😀


The outfit:


New earrings I bought to cheer myself up.


A different look at my long hair.


The outfit (today)

Cashmere wrap – Blue by Saks 5th Avenue

Cami – La petite bateau

Skirt – old Banana gray cord

Tights  – Wolford velvet deluxe in gray

Boots – Cole Haan

Earrings – David Yurman

Outfit with hair: Purple drop sleeve from Ectetera

Jeans: Levi’s

Earrings: Some Nordstrom brand.

Sweater: Purple


2 thoughts on “Outfit post: Cashmere and Cord

  1. You look beautiful! I’m so glad to see you up and looking so healthy.

    Was it a full Thyroidectomy? And I hope it’s okay to ask all these questions here, but was the tumor a large nodule? Benign? I was supposed to have a full thyroidectomy done earlier this year because of numerous large nodules, but the stress from my divorce set me back. I couldn’t handle it all, so I’m doing it at the end of January. And I’m a little scared.

    Anyhow, I’ve seen other scars like yours (two friends), and they both faded to nothing. You look absolutely wonderful, and I’m glad it went well.


    • I ended up not having any of my thyroid removed. Just the tumor. It looks benign at this point, but was much larger than they expected.

      Don’t be afraid, it was a nothing surgery. Very easy.

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