Outfit Post: French 80’s Style

The other day, I lamented on Facebook that I miss Paris. My friends, being the awesome people they are, came up with a list of things I could do to make me feel like I’m back in my favorite place. Eventually, we hit upon doing a 80’s style post since Parisians love their MC hammer pants and 80’s looks.

Getting those pants would be too challenging, but I did have a few things I thought could make a fun outfit: Legwarmers, mini skirt, slouchy sweatshirt. Nothing is neon, but the French tend toward navy, gray, and black as their main palates in the winter.

Here is the complete look, standing next to my vintage map of Paris. Oh, and the hair. Messy and up is very Parisian. Since I wore this all day, I think it’s a nice tamed-down version without being too costume-y.

legwarmer full body

A close up of the min-skirt.

denim skirt

Legwarmers and punk-booties. The legwarmers give the booties a different look, almost like they’re boot toppers.


The Outfit:

Sweatshirt: GAP (this season)

Skirt: Some Paris store

Cowl: EKYOG (This is a convertible top, skirt, dress, cowl, shrug, etc. I love this thing.)

Tights: merino wool from Wolford

Legwarmers: Merino wool from Wolford

Booties: Target

Earrings: Anthropology

Lipstick: Vivid Violet from Smashbox


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