Outfit Post: Getting Preppy

Today’s outfit was bought directly off a mannequin. So zero creativity on my part. I was drawn to the preppiness. I think next time I may try pairing it with an oatmeal-colored, straight skirt, but denim today since I was volunteering in my son’s first grade class. (And a special shout out to my beloved, old, brown cord jacket that died a good death after ten years. You will be missed.)

Also, random aside, if you haven’t read THE BOOK THIEF yet, I highly recommend it. I have yet to see the movie, but the book blew my heart to pieces. Lovely prose, beautiful characters, and a feeling of realness.


Look! My scar is barely visible just two weeks after surgery!!!


The Outfit:

Blazer: brown cord from Brooks Brothers

Vest: argyle Brooks Brothers

Dress Shirt: pink fitted from Brooks Brothers

Jeans: my trusty Levi’s

Boots: Repetto



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