Outfit Post: Holiday Sweaters

I must confess, I am not a holiday person. I’m not a Scrooge, but I don’t really get into all the merriment and gift-giving and whatnot. So for me to buy a “holiday” sweater it has to be cute.

I got this one from JCrew. In the store and in my closet it looked orange and black, but when I paired it with black tights, I could tell it’s actually dark navy – almost midnight in color.

Since I’m working at the sons’ school book fair today, I thought this would be fun to wear around kids. I paired it with an oatmeal wool skirt, merino wool tights, and black boots. What do you think?



The Outfit:

Sweater: JCrew

Skirt: JCrew

Tights: Wolford Merino ribbed tights in black

Boots: Me Too

The Schedule:

9:15-10:50 – volunteer at the book fair

11:10 – lunch with my youngest son

12-3 – work on Phoenix (I hit the half-way point last night!)

3:30 – Take son to dentist

5pm – start dinner

7pm-9pm – finish daily word count if I haven’t already.


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