Phoenix Teaser and Release Date


The opening of Phoenix is here! Just a little tease until the entire book releases May 20th 😀


“It’s going to be okay, Birdie. I swear. You’re going to be okay.”

Beck’s hands move over my body as he recites words I don’t understand. He stops at my chest, just over my heart, and strange flutter-like vibrations fill my body.  Against my will, I buck and writhe.

“Stay with me, Lark. Don’t you dare die.” Beck presses his hands against my chest, applying more pressure. His chanting accelerates until the words sound more like humming than speaking. A bright light shines behind my eyes, and I focus on it, trying to stay present.

The memory of the attack rushes through my mind. I was in the garden, lying on the gravel, so where am I now? Surely, I’m not in the garden. No one would leave me there. Or would they? And why is Beck here?

“Step away from Lark,” an unfamiliar voice orders. Metal clangs against metal.

“She’s dying,” Beck cries, horror and pain filling his words. “I can’t let her die.”

I want to reach out to him with my mind and reassure him, but my brain isn’t listening to me. I can’t move, I can’t talk, I can barely think.

But my heart, it whirls and burns deep in my chest. I want to cry out in agony, but all I can do is lie on the cold floor.

More noises – like a fight – surround me. Beck’s hands are no longer holding my chest together, and the bright light is fading, turning gray, then black, then to nothingness.

I am nothingness.

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