HITCHED Questions Answered

Since posting about HITCHED’s release date, I’ve received several questions. I thought it would be easiest to post here as opposed to answering the same question over-and-over again.

  1. I really liked (loved) Fletch. Is he in this book?
    While this book is Ellie’s story, Fletch plays a prominent roll.
  2. Why are you calling it a companion book and not a sequel? This book can stand alone, unlike a sequel. However, the emotions, jokes, and characters will be more vivid if you’ve read CRUSHED first.
  3. Is Brady in this book? Does he make any speeches? Yes and yes.
  4. What’s the heat factor? CRUSHED had a few racier scenes that faded to black for the most part. HITCHED, however, has more raw and graphic sex scenes.
  5. Why did you age everyone up five years? I felt we needed to catch up with the crew after they lived a little. Plus, it worked for the story I wanted to tell.

That’s all I have for you, but feel free to send more questions my way. I can’t wait to share HITCHED with you!

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