Posted in October 2015

A Little Something New

How about a glimpse at something new I’ve been working on? It’s an adult romance, so not so different from what I normally write except the people are older 😀   One stray sock and a toothbrush. That’s all that remained of Ellison’s ex-husband. Even the furniture, sheets, and paintings were new. The townhouse, too. … Continue reading

Road Trip: Memphis to Knoxville

Originally posted on Dawn Rae Miller:
A total cheat on the Welcome To Tennessee sign. ? Another late start today. What has happened to my family? We’ve always been early risers – like 5:30am early – but now, no one can drag themselves out of bed before nine. This, I fear, doesn’t bode well for…

My Pinterest Life #5: A WIN!

Hey All – I’m sitting here sweaty and gross after a nice, long yoga session trying to figure out what my Pintrest project of the day will be today. Which got me to thinking more about Pintrest and how people (women mostly) use it. Is it mostly aspirational? A catalog of possessions? A window into … Continue reading

My Pinterest Life #4: Oil Pulling…WHAT?

Hey All, I must love you. Really, I must. Why else would I continue to use myself as a human guinea pig? Perhaps something’s off in my brain? Who knows. Either way, I’m actually enjoying trying all these gross things. Yesterday I didn’t think I’d get any Pinteresting done. I spent the day running errands … Continue reading