My Pinterest Life #2: Cooking and Looking Good

Hey All –

I thought I had it all together. Today’s menu: Butternut Squash Soup – something I’ve made a million times. Should be easy, right? I picked out a recipe on Pinterest that was different from my norm and got to work. Luckily, after studying the picture and reading the narrative, I knew I had all the ingredients on hand: 1 butternut squash, 1 white onion, green apples, and coconut milk. Then I looked at the post: there were no directions or ingredient list. I was going to have to guess.

This is what I was working with:


Okay then, let’s get to it. First up: coring the apples. I guessed at how many. Four seemed like a good number.


Next, I poked holes in the squash and microwaved it for 5 minutes to make the skin come off easily. While it cooked, I quartered an onion.

IMG_5438After cubing the squash, I piled everything into the slow cooker the way it looked in the Pinterest photo.

IMG_5440I let the whole thing cook for 4 hours on high (which was probably too long or too high, but whatever, it worked out). When it was done cooking, it looked like this:

IMG_5442At this point, the Colonel declared it disgusting and asked if he could eat yesterday’s Rice Crispy treats instead (because now he loves them – go figure.) I have to admit, it does look gross. But then I dumped in a can of coconut milk and used my immersion blender. The final product:

IMG_5443Without trying it myself, I was able to convince the Colonel to sample it, and he declared the soup excellent! So double win because not only will my meat-eater eat it, but it’s vegan and that means Pudge can eat it too! I only have to cook one meal tonight 😀

So PINTEREST WIN…until I looked at the original post again and found…the ingredient list and directions – lol. So fail because I lack scrolling capabilities. Still, I did pretty well working off just a picture. *Pats self on back*

And I have an outfit today. As my friend, Andrea, said these outfits are all meant for 26-year-old willowy types. Maybe I am determined to reclaim my youth. Who knows? But I felt INSPIRED by this outfit. I would master it, using only clothes I already own, no matter what.

IMG_5448Cute right? I thought so too, until I walked outside and it was 70-degrees (hello, it was 44 this morning!). I immediately went back inside and put on a non-Pinterest approved outfit. So imagine me wearing this:

IMG_5447So, today was a mixed bag. Everything came out fine, but I failed at reading directions and looking at the temperature. I can’t blame those on Pinterest.

Until tomorrow, kittens, when I attempt crafting with the boys while wearing something fabulous and more weather appropriate.



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