My Pinterest Life #3: Turning Yellow, Yoga, and Curls

Hey All,

I turned myself yellow. Before we continue, you have to know that fact. A deep, golden-yellow.

You see, it all started when I decided to try a DIY facial scrub. I searched through a few until finding this one:

It gave a list of ingredients to choose from, and having red tones in my skin, I chose the things that would supposedly combat that: honey, oats, and turmeric. With the Colonel’s help (Please note, this child is excited to help me make an ass of myself), I dumped all the ingredients into a measuring cup and let him stir. His hope was that I’d let him smear it all over his face too. Uh, no.

We ended up with this:

IMG_5450Looks just like something you want to smear all over your face, doesn’t it? Casting my common sense aside, I did just that, and this was the result:

IMG_5452Gross, isn’t it? But wait, it gets better. You can’t tell fully from that picture, but my skin was bright yellow. Apparently, turmeric stains. Which is why my brand new white washcloth is now brilliant yellow. Anyway, I got this mess off my face and it was…Well, amazing. My skin felt extremely soft and supple, and I kept thinking, “Pinterest WIN.”

Fast forward to this morning. I do my morning kid routine, pack for yoga and leave the house. For those who’ve never visited my Pinterest page (, yoga is a huge part of my life. I try to practice everyday for at least an hour (more if I’m in a class). Anyway, I practice vinyasa yoga in a room heated to about 95-degrees. And I sweat. A lot. It’s the best detox ever. Especially if you’ve rubbed turmeric all over your face the night before.

Let that sink in. I was literally sweating out turmeric. It was all over my white hand towel (you’d think I’d learn with the white), running down my face, and dripping onto my mat. It was awesome.

After that experience, I needed to shower and wash my hair, so I decided to try another Pinterest pin: curling my hair with a flat-iron. Normally, I use a large barrel wand, but it takes forever and requires a special glove. I ain’t got time for that, and the flat-iron method promised to cut down on time.

I used this video:

Seemed easy enough.

I after blowing out my very wavy hair, I started like this:

Photo on 10-21-15 at 11.30 AMAnd after “curling” it looked like this:

Photo on 10-21-15 at 11.47 AM #2Kind of wispy and a little frizzy, and not much different from if I didn’t blow it out. Probably because I kept adding layers like the video said when all I really want is more of a slight wave. I would try this again, but maybe only on a few pieces, not my whole head.

So, I can’t say anything was an outright failure, but they weren’t amazing wins either. We’ll call today Pinterest neutral.


Until next time, kittens.



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