A Little Something New

How about a glimpse at something new I’ve been working on? It’s an adult romance, so not so different from what I normally write except the people are older 😀


One stray sock and a toothbrush.

That’s all that remained of Ellison’s ex-husband. Even the furniture, sheets, and paintings were new. The townhouse, too.

She hadn’t wanted the divorce – didn’t see it coming – but it was there lurking, waiting for her to let her guard down. And when she felt comfortable in her life, with the comings and goings of her husband, with the money and the children, he declared he no longer loved her and had fallen in love with someone else.

Someone else.

Not her.

The thought still left her breathless, but she no longer curled into a sobbing ball.

The demise of her marriage wasn’t a series of mini-announcements the way many of her friends’ divorces had been. There was no arguing over housework or finances. There was sex, albeit mundane, but she made an effort to fuck her husband at least three nights a week. She worked out regularly and kept her weight down. Botox was a close friend. She was attentive and interested in his work. She kept a neat house and made dinner more often than not. All this, and she had been a kick-ass real estate agent in-between raising her kids and caring for her husband.

No. Ellison did everything right, or so she thought.



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