My Pinterest Life #8: Cutting My Own Bangs and Winged Eyeliner

Hey All –

Today, I get a little crazy. Maybe it’s the rainy weather, but I’m feeling a little cooped up and experimental.

First up, winged eyeliner. I’ve tried to do this free-hand in the past and have always failed. I just haven’t been able to find the perfect spot for the flick – KWIM? So when I saw this tutorial on how to use Scotch tape to create winged liner, I was like YES!

Okay, so once again, I’m showing off my make-up free face. You’ve been warned.

Here I am with just the tape on my eyes. It was slightly uncomfortable and hard to blink, but hey, small price for getting this technique mastered.

tape Since I don’t use liquid liner, I dipped my wet shadow brush into navy blue shadow and drew little upward lines along the tape.

wingI don’t know if you can see it but there are two wings extending from the corners of my eyes.

finished eye make upHere’s the finished product.  It actually worked. I don’t feel like it’s too heavy for day, and I’ll be using this tip again. So Pintrest WIN.

Now, more terrifying than make-up that can be washed away: Cutting my own bangs into a side-swept style. I did this with cuticle scissors since I couldn’t find my good scissors. After blowing out my hair, I re-watched this video:

I started like this:

bangsWith a surge of bravery, I made the first cut. I checked the length and it looked good, so I made some upward cuts as suggested.

The final product:

final bangs

Not too bad. I’ll probably stick with getting them cut at the salon, but it’s nice to know how to do a little trim at home. Pinterest WIN.

I’m 2 for 2 today, and am going to call it quits. I have some grocery shopping to do for Sunday’s Cake Extravaganza. Hazelnut flour, anyone?

Until next time, Kittens,

xoxo ~ dawn


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