My Pinterest Life #10 – Halloween and Fireballs

Happy Halloween!

So far today, I’ve dressed Pinterest-y (leggings, boots, lots of layers), went to a flag football game, did some birthday shopping for the Fox, and made an adult beverage for a trick-or-treating after party tonight.

I don’t know how these will taste since the jello hasn’t set yet, but what I’m trying to make is Apple Cider Fireball Jello Shots. The ingredients:


And the final result (well, not so final since I have yet to taste them).

IMG_5551 They smell delicious – like mulled spice cider. Hopefully no one gags or dies when they try them tonight – LOL.

In knitting news, my cowl is coming along nicely. I haven’t had much time to work on it, but I’m almost through one skein of yarn. It’s actually larger than the picture suggests (I think it looks washcloth-sized here). I knit with size 13 circular needles and chunky yarn so what you’re seeing is only half of the piece.


Tomorrow, I tackle the birthday cake of all birthday cakes. I’m even skipping yoga (GASP) to work on it. But you only turn 12 once, and I’m determined to make up for the lame cakes of the last three years. I used to make all kinds of crazy desserts and cakes for the boys. Hopefully, my Pinterest project kicks me back into a love of baking again.

Until tomorrow, kittens. Have a safe and fun Halloween!

xoxo ~dawn

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