Posted in November 2015

On Being Unlikable

Likability. It’s something – especially if you’re female – that is ground into us from a young age. Don’t speak up too much because someone may call you bossy. Be nice and always share or else other kids won’t play with you. Wear the right clothes, say the right things, laugh at the right jokes … Continue reading

Holiday Launch Mode

Hey all- It’s that time of year when people go flipping crazy over the perfect holiday experience.  Normally, I’m a minimalist, but this year I’m shifting into full Pinterest mode. That’s right, I’m going to Pinterest the hell out of the holidays. So far my Thanksgiving board is basically booze and vegetarian food, but that … Continue reading


Hey All – The Colonel and I have been taking selfie lessons from Pinterest (really, you can find everything on there). It’s been rather comical, but we’ve learned that anyone can photograph well once they learn the right angles, filters, and flattering lighting. I mean, if an eight-year-old can do it, we should all be … Continue reading

This is My Heart

I love you. Even though I can’t be with you right now, you’re never far from my mind. You healed me when I was most broken and made me feel like I was enough just as I am. For that, I’m forever grateful.  You are like my secret lover. The lights and sounds draw me … Continue reading

Unhooked Cover Reveal 

Unhooked Cover Reveal 

UNHOOKED COVER REVEAL Today Lisa Maxwell and a few Blogger friends are revealing the cover for UNHOOKED a YA Fantasy releasing in February 2016! Check out the gorgeous cover and enter to win an awesome book pack and an ARC of UNHOOKED!   On to the reveal!      Title: UNHOOKED Author: Lisa Maxwell Pub. Date: … Continue reading

Cheaters, Liars, and Other Scoundrels

Hey All- One of you lovelies pointed out that all my books since Nightingale have some sort of infidelity in it. In Phoenix, it was Annalise and Oliver; in Crushed, it was Fletch’s dad (which to this day, was one of the most difficult things I’ve written); and in KKLHS, it’s Jackson. I never really … Continue reading

Happy Birthday!!!

It’s here! Kiss Kill Love Him Still’s book birthday! I’m so excited about this little book – in fact, I could probably come up with 143 different reasons why I love it. However, I’ll just give you the top ten. #1. Working with Jamie Blair has been wonderful. #2. Four distinct narrators is fun. #3. … Continue reading

Juggling Balls and a Vlog

Hey All – It’s been crazy around here the past two days. I’ve been creating Pinterest projects, prepping for my book release tomorrow, and getting back into the swing of the boys’ sports. *YAWN* Anyway, a little video for you about my new book *SQUEEEEEE* I think you’re going to like this one. Amazon  Barnes … Continue reading