My Pinterest Life #14 – Glitter is Herpes

Hey All –

When will I learn? Glitter is evil. It spreads and shows up in unexpected places. Even when attached to other things, glitter will find a way to infect you.

If you haven’t guessed, I did a glitter-esque project this week with the Colonel. We decided to make this:


First sign things weren’t going to go well: finding water balloons in November. After checking a few craft stores and CVS, I went to the Party store and they had them. I brought them home and learned an important lesson: there’s a reason they’re called WATER BALLOONS. They were not made for blowing up, and poor Bug nearly gave himself an aneurysm trying to do so.

Here are our six dinky balloons and the gold string the Colonel so badly wanted.



Per the fuzzy instructions, we mixed tacky glue with water. You need to stir it well to get the lumps out.




Next, I attempted to put the string on the balloon. Ummm…no. Just no. The string wanted no part of being wrapped around a stupid balloon and kept sliding off. Also, those perfect round balloons in the Pinterest post, I’d like to know where they came from, because my balloons were oddly shaped.



See the glitter? Do you see it on the string? It looks like gold thread, but it’s lying to you. It wants you to take it home so it can spread across your house like herpes.



The Colonel carefully dipped and rolled each balloon in the glue mixture. After three balloons, he quit.



After gluing, we hung them up to dry for two days. See my janky wrapping job?


For the Colonel, the best part about the project was popping the balloons. Afterward, we were left with this:



Not exactly the glittering snowballs that were promised. More like week-old pumpkins. At least they didn’t smell.

This was much too difficult for an 8-year old to do other than a few small things here-and-there. Hell, it was hard for me, and I’m nearing 40. So, yeah, Pinterest FAIL.

I did have a WIN, though. I made another, larger infinity cowl. I knitted on size 35 needles and with the same yarn I used for the last one only in charcoal.


The final result is cushy and warm. I did have to buy new sewing needles because I couldn’t find mine, but overall, this was a stress-free project.



Until next time, Kittens.

xoxo ~dawn

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