Cheaters, Liars, and Other Scoundrels

Hey All-

One of you lovelies pointed out that all my books since Nightingale have some sort of infidelity in it. In Phoenix, it was Annalise and Oliver; in Crushed, it was Fletch’s dad (which to this day, was one of the most difficult things I’ve written); and in KKLHS, it’s Jackson.

I never really thought about that theme, but yeah, I write about cheating a lot. In fact, my adult book – coming out next year – centers around an unfaithful husband and the aftermath. 

So why so much cheating? Well, I guess I write what I know, and since Larkstorm and Nightingale, my life has been touched by infidelity in many ways. 

However, I believe my books have happy endings for most characters (well, not Annalise and Oliver). Why? Because despite the dark spell I wrote many of these books under, I still believe in love. Not soul mates like Lark and Beck, but the kind of love where your partner has your back no matter what. Something deep and binding. Something less destructive than lust. 

Also, I think all my characters handle infidelity differently. Take Mrs. Colson. She chose to stay with her husband for social and monetary reasons. She chose to look the other way so that her life still appeared perfect on the outside. Image, for her, was the most important thing. 

On the otherhand, in KKLHS, some killed Jackson because of his playboy ways.  

So, yes, I do write about cheating a lot. It’s what I know. Hopefully, one day, I’ll know something different, but until then, I hope you enjoy the stories. 

xoxo ~dawn

*written on my phone because my laptop broke yesterday 😦   Please excuse typos and random commas. 


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