Hey All –

The Colonel and I have been taking selfie lessons from Pinterest (really, you can find everything on there). It’s been rather comical, but we’ve learned that anyone can photograph well once they learn the right angles, filters, and flattering lighting. I mean, if an eight-year-old can do it, we should all be able to, right?

This, however, made me think of how we curate our lives.


Today, it’s easy to hide behind the facade of perfection. A well-placed Facebook post, a “spontaneous” Instagram picture, a funny tweet. We curate our lives the way an author cuts, drafts, and edits a work. Writers, for the most part, celebrate their mistakes, discussing, among other things, how many times they had to rewrite the beginning or chop a story line that didn’t work. Mistakes are celebrated – especially if the end result is stronger and more robust than the initial story.

In real life, however, we garbage the pictures we don’t want the world to see; trash the posts we fear are too controversial; and generally try to present an unreal, conforming version of ourselves to the world.

I don’t get it.




Life is all about making mistakes and how you recover from them. Writing is much the same way. The only difference is that, with writing, you can tear up your work and start over with no one the wiser.

Life isn’t that simple.

I’m messy, and my life is complicated (often by my own doing). I fuck up. I make mistakes. I leave the art of crafting perfection for the page – and even then, someone is going to hate what I love. For every five-star review, you can be sure there’s a one-star lurking around in the background.

Taking selfies is fun, don’t get me wrong, but it’s not real life. For every ‘cute’ or ‘amazing’ picture, there are three in the bin. Try to remember that. Perfection, like a selfie, is easy to fake.

Until next time, kittens.

xoxo ~dawn



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