Holiday Launch Mode

Hey all-

It’s that time of year when people go flipping crazy over the perfect holiday experience. 

Normally, I’m a minimalist, but this year I’m shifting into full Pinterest mode. That’s right, I’m going to Pinterest the hell out of the holidays. So far my Thanksgiving board is basically booze and vegetarian food, but that won’t stop a determined pinner! I will have crafts and flowers and potstickers (why potstickers, you ask? Well because I can, and because my friend and I are getting together to make them). I will crush the holidays!

So no more sitting around watching Bug decorate. This year I will engage. There will be balls of holley, pine cone turkeys, and food, food, food. 

Oh, and music. I already have a playlist worked out đŸ™‚

xoxo ~dawn

P.S. – my board:


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