My Pinterest Life #13: Getting Baked

Hey All –

I tried. I really did. But it didn’t matter. Today’s project went from promising to dismal in minutes. For your viewing pleasure, may I present How Not to Make Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies.

For reference, I used this recipe and subbed gluten-free flour and xanthan gum for the regular flour. Now, before we get too hasty and blame the GF flour, this is a sub I make all the time when baking and never have problems.

I was excited, ecstatic even, over finding this recipe. It started out so promising:


I was happy, chopping chocolate (which Bug took over and smashed with a meat tenderizer because he broke my food processor, and I remind him of this every day), and dreaming of having delicious GS cookies all year long.


I whipped up the dough, switching out the flours, and patted it into an oval to place in the freezer. I left it there for 15 minutes to set per the directions.


Once those 15 minutes were up, things took a very wrong turn. The dough stuck to everything and wouldn’t roll out. It tore and cracked, and I tried to smooth it all back together, but nothing worked. Clearly, I was not amused:


No matter how hard it got, I persevered. I wasn’t going to let Pinterest win because I’m not a quitter. In fact, I’m incredibly stubborn. So, against conventional wisdom, I used a 1 1/2″ cookie cutter and made nice circles on the dough.


And they stuck to the counter and wouldn’t come off, leaving me with this mess:


And yet, Kittens, I kept on despite being covered in chocolate and flour. I kept on to prove I could make these cookies. I kept on because I wasn’t going to lose. So I melted the baking chocolate, added the peppermint extract and, with Bug’s help, attempted to coat the cookies. Dismal fail. The cookies broke apart or crumbled in the chocolate. It was a mess.

But I ended up with one perfect cookie:


The rest looked like this:


I’m told they taste amazing, but I’m too afraid to try them. I secretly hate to eat my own cooking. Weird, but it does leave more for everyone else.

So, yeah, complete FAIL despite the cookies tasting good. I could never give these away as gifts. However, Bug had an idea. I make similar non-chocolate covered cookies that are shaped in cream cheese boxes that I then thinly slice using unflavored dental floss. The cookies would be more rectangular, but I think they’d be more presentable than the mess I created.

But the day wasn’t all a wash. I tortured Bug by making him blow up water balloons for another project, and I got to wear this around a store:


Until next time, Kittens.

xoxo ~dawn

All About Val

Hey All –

In case you missed it, the Kiss Kill Love Him Still Scavenger Hunt is happening today through 11/10.

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You can pre-order KKLHS on Amazon, iTunes, Barnes and Noble, and Kobo.

So who is Val? Well, her life song is this:

Valerie “Val” Ortiz is a college student at Fairfax University (FU). She loves her boyfriend, Paul, but she also finds herself madly in love with Livie. Coming from a traditional Catholic family, it’s something Val struggles with by numbing herself with alcohol. She and Jackson were drinking buddies – something he used to his advantage, and something Val deeply regrets.

You can find out more about her – like her police interview – on the scavenger hunt hosted by The Fantastic Flying Book Club running 11/4-11/10.


My Pinterest Life #12 – In Which I Fail

Hey All –

Always being on with Pinterest is HARD. Decorating, face slathering, outfit building, and crafting 24/7 is exhausting when piled on top of real life – like boys who need attention, food that needs cooking, and yoga (ha, ha, ha). Then I watched the video below. It’s heartbreaking, but it makes me wonder, how many of us adults think like this now?

If only I had the perfect Facebook photo of X event?

Do I look good enough in my selfie? No? Do over and re-filter.

How can I make my life look perfect to the outside world?

I found myself asking those questions as my family hiked yesterday. Re-taking photos and thinking about how it would look on Facebook. Basically being shallow.

I encourage you to watch the video below. Especially if you have teens on social media. Life isn’t all about the likes and shares and ‘friends,’ it’s about experiences and being present in the moment.

xoxo ~dawn