Posted in December 2015

Getting a Makeover

Hey Kittens – I have excitement. Lots of it. Today, after six months of waiting, I can finally share CRUSHED’s new cover! I love it so hard. The boy and the blurred, foggy background are just perfect. This book, more than any other, is the book of my heart. I spent two years working on … Continue reading

And then I loved him

Insta-love. Love at first sight. Immediate connection. Whatever you call it, I believe in it. Many readers and reviewers complain insta-love is unreal and improbable, but in my experience, it’s not. I’ve fallen in love twice in my life: once at twenty-one and again at thirty-seven. Both times it was fast, hard, and overwhelming. At … Continue reading

Letting Go

Hey All – Today, after about six months of going back-and-forth with a very talented Polish photographer, I finally own the rights to an image I’ve wanted terribly for a revamped cover of CRUSHED. Why re-do the cover? Because it was designed when I was in a lot of emotional pain, and I think the … Continue reading

When the Passion’s Gone

Hey All – I spent all day yesterday avoiding writing. The night before, with my youngest on in tow, I had to unexpectedly put my cat down. The Colonel was distraught, and to cheer him up, my teacher friend offered to take him to Starbucks before school and let him play in her classroom – … Continue reading

Flash Me

Hey All – This is a piece of flash fiction I did years ago. The prompt was “domino,” and the goal was to tell a story in under 800 words. This clocks in at 522. I’m playing around to see if I can expand on it. Love to hear your thoughts. xoxo~dawn Smoke billows, thick … Continue reading

My Pinterest Life #15 – Looking Foxy

Hey All – I’ve gotten behind in my Pinteresting posts – mainly because I’ve been busy writing Murder Madness Such Sweet Sadness. But have no fear! I’ve been Pinteresting away. First up, Thanksgiving Food (that could also work for Christmas). I made these brussell sprouts with cranberries thinking it would combine two of my favorite … Continue reading

Comfortably Numb

I’m tired of people saying they’re numb to the killings happening daily in America. I’m tired of good people throwing their hands up in despair and claiming they can’t watch the news because it gives them anxiety. You know who gets to be numb? Children growing up in war zones. The ones who wake up … Continue reading