My Pinterest Life #15 – Looking Foxy

Hey All –

I’ve gotten behind in my Pinteresting posts – mainly because I’ve been busy writing Murder Madness Such Sweet Sadness. But have no fear! I’ve been Pinteresting away.

First up, Thanksgiving Food (that could also work for Christmas). I made these brussell sprouts with cranberries thinking it would combine two of my favorite foods in heavenly yumminess. They looked pretty:

But, OH MY GOD, whole cranberries are sour – which I knew, but these were nearly inedible. My vote: Pinterest FAIL.

Next up were mini tarts. I made these with a gluten-free crust, and they were delicious. Like mini-pumpkin pie tarts. The Colonel had fun helping me cut out the crusts and “snowflake” toppers.


In a fit of madness I attempted to make this cheese and meat platter. This was just one big LOL, but the Colonel and I had a blast doing it. Mine’s a little anemic looking compared to the recipe. Oh well. Still tasted good.


The big win, which I didn’t photograph was the Apple Cider Mimosas. Delicious, and I highly recommend them.

Next, the Colonel wanted to craft, so I found this cute little fox and owl ornament project. He’s eight and did it himself. I recommend this one for the ease and cuteness factor.


Finally, it’s that time of year when parties are happening. Here’s a shot of Bug and I before we headed out last weekend.  Happy holidays, Kittens.

xoxo ~dawn


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