Stalking 101

A year or so ago, I decided to write a book about a girl who was obsessed with her former boyfriend and his new girlfriend. Then I read OCD Love Story and was blown away. The girl in the story doesn’t stalk out of misguided love, but her over involvement and interest in the lives of others becomes problematic. It’s a great book if you haven’t read it.

Anyway, the more I researched my book, the more I realized I just couldn’t write it. It was making me crazy. I had list upon list of different ways to stalk someone both digitally and physically. I read news articles about celebrity stalkings, and some of the things I found were downright frightening.

I guess the most shocking thing, to me, was how easy it is to find out anything about anyone. To find their address, how much they paid for their house, the names of their children. Various everyday apps posted dates, locations, and times of pictures making it easy to see if someone is on vacation or out of the house. You could do more than steal credit card info, you could steal a whole life.

It blew my mind.

I once knew someone who had zero social media presence. I thought it was a bit archaic and paranoid, but in hindsight, I kind of get it. However, for me, that’s not an option. I need to be able to interact with fans online. Social media is, in many ways, my job.

Still, I think it’s important to check my settings and carefully curate what I’m putting out there. I’m guilty of vacation picture posting, or even snapping a photo and instantly uploading it to Instagram. My digital footprint is huge, and often, unfiltered.

Will I give up social media? Absolutely not. I love it too much. I like Pinning things, interacting with fans on Twitter and Facebook, and sharing pictures from my everyday life on Instagram.

I’m an open book.

Does that make me easily stalkable? Yes, it does. Should I be doing things differently? Probably. And I will, once I change some settings.







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