Letting Go

Hey All –

Today, after about six months of going back-and-forth with a very talented Polish photographer, I finally own the rights to an image I’ve wanted terribly for a revamped cover of CRUSHED.

Why re-do the cover? Because it was designed when I was in a lot of emotional pain, and I think the old cover reflects that aspect of my life more than the content of the book. No, there’s nothing “wrong” with CRUSHED’s current cover, it simply doesn’t do a good job at representing what’s inside. It’s a book about coming-of-age, confusion, and finding yourself. It’s about more than being broken heartened.

In many ways, a new cover is also symbolic of me letting go.

Letting go:

  • of pain;
  • of confusion;
  • of old dreams;
  • of people who’ve hurt me;
  • and, of the inability to move forward.

Holding on to all of that isn’t healthy mentally, emotionally, or physically. I’ve grown immensely since 2012 when Crushed debuted, and I’m a very different person now. I’ve replaced old dreams with new ones, and surrounded myself with people who know and love me for who I am. Even with the mistakes I’ve made.

Many of my covers reflect my emotional state during the time they were released. For example, NIGHTINGALE’s cover is dark, chaotic, and moody which perfectly sums up my 2012. I had no releases in 2013, again, a reflection of where I was emotionally. During that time, I was stuck in a void, struggling with bipolar depression, and unable to do much of anything.

Yes, my covers reveal a lot about me.

Perhaps because I studied Art History, cover images may mean more to me than the average person. Especially indie covers because I understand how much time and input an author has with those. They are, to me, almost as important as what lies between the pages.

Anyway, I love the new image, and I can’t wait to see the final cover. Fletch is the character closest to my heart, and even though he’s a boy, is probably the most like me. It took me a long time to get him right on the page, and he deserves a cover representative of that.

Can’t wait for you to see it!








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