Scandinavia? Dominican? Where?

Hey All-

Over here at HQ, we’ve been debating where to summer for a few weeks. Normally, this isn’t a problem, but both Bug and I are turning 40 this year and we wanted to do something different. At first, we planned an extravagant trip over Spring Break which is close to my birthday, but it would have been a short trip. Plus, I didn’t really want to combine Spring Break and my birthday and the Colonel’s because I’m a brat.

So we discussed going back to Paris (and London) for my birthday – without the boys. That didn’t feel right. We then messed around with the idea of touring Scandinavia – a region I haven’t been to in years. But, alas, I didn’t really want to do that either – at least not in the freezing cold.

Iceland was mentioned, as was Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Corfu, Spain, and a bunch of others.

Basically, we wanted warmth which meant either going south during Spring Break or waiting until Summer.

We were out of ideas. Then, one night, while lying in bed, I suggested the Dalmatian Coast and Croatia. I’ve been told lovely things about the area, the wine, the sea, and the people. Bug liked the sound of it and gave it his approval.

So this summer, to jointly celebrate our birthdays, we’re headed to Croatia with the boys for a few weeks, one of which will be spent sailing from island to island. I LOVE sailing and can’t wait. I also love wine, seafood, and colorful cities. The boys are excited, and Pudge is trying out Croatian which seems to be an impossibly hard language.

I’m super excited, and if any of you have been to Croatia (my Hungarian fans?), I’d love to hear about your experience and recommendations.

Until next time, Kittens.