Sketchy Character

Hey All-

I’m typing on my phone while my head is covered in purple dye, so excuse the typos and grammatical errors.

In my writing life, I’m in the thick of drafting Murder Madness Such Sweet Sadness which is the second book of the series I’m writing with Jamie Blair. Because I’m a pantster, I haven’t done any in depth character sketches, so I sat down to do them today. The way Jamie and I write is to each take two of the characters. I write Livie and Val; she does Reggie and Haddie.

Half-way through I wondered what my character would look like on paper. Bug always says I write myself into my characters. I find this funny because I feel each of my characters is unique.

So out of amusement, procrastination, and self-centeredness, I made one for myself. It was tougher than I thought. The outwardly stuff was easy. I’m 5ft tall with hazel eyes and strawberry blond hair.

But the other stuff was so hard! What are my internal and external conflicts? What is my goal and what’s preventing me from obtaining it? What are my worse and best character traits? Who are my closest friends and sworn enemies? What mistakes have I made and how have I rectified them?

I took forever to answer some of these questions and had to get real with myself. Sometimes that’s terrifying, isn’t it? I mean, I know the shitty things I’ve done, and everyday they haunt me, but putting it down on paper is something else…

…and yet, it was liberating. I realized I’m more than my mistakes. I’m smart, funny, and love completely. I do like going out, but am happiest staying in watching a movie. I drink champagne and eat macarons a little too often. I dance like a fool and don’t care. I go after what I desire with passion.

The whole exercise was enlightening, but in the end, I decided real people can’t be boiled down to simple character sketches. We’re too complex – we love too much; Think too hard; Fret about what we can’t change.

As for me, my sketch went into the garbage. I’m more than a piece of paper.

Until next time, Kittens.



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