I Finally Broke Down

Hey All –

I’m in hypomania mode at the moment. I like this state of being: I need very little sleep, can work for hours, have amazing ideas, and can balance multiple projects. However, I know if it weren’t for the lithium I’d probably be manic right now, and no one wants that. Basically, my body wants to go higher, but my meds are keeping me semi-grounded.

Other than working on two books concurrently, I’ve been channeling my energy into cooking – something I used to love to do, but haven’t really done since my breakdown back in 2012. My family has fallen into a eating out trap – and I don’t mean fast food. For the past three years we’ve been eating at sit-down places nearly five times a week. Sometimes for both lunch and dinner on the weekends.

Anyway, I decided to put an end to that. Mainly because it’s crazy to eat out that much, and partly because I want to stash away the saved money for our trip to Croatia. Sounds like a good plan, no?

So what have I cooked? Lots of yummy things off Pinterest: Honey Sriracha Chicken, Loaded Baked Potato Soup, Weekday Lemon Skillet Chicken, and Shrimp in Jalapeno Cream Sauce among others.

Despite my love of all things Pinterest, I finally broke down and decided to give Blue Apron a try. Many of my friends are using it and loving it. Based on those solid recs, I ordered my first box and it arrived today, and OH MY GOD it weighed a ton. I was positive it was loaded down with food, but actually the weight was from the dry packing ice. There was very little food inside which surprised me.

So what did I cook tonight? Chicken Casserole with Drop Biscuits. The instructions were on lovely page-sized cards with glossy photos. The ingredient list was small, and it only had six instructions, so it seemed easy.

HA! Good thing I know how to cook because this meal took me an hour to make. I had to poach the chicken, make a bechamel  sauce, dice and chop veggies, shred the chicken, and use three thousand pans.My kitchen look like it had exploded – even with Pudge cleaning up behind me.

My conclusion: Blue Apron is for people who like to cook, but who hate grocery shopping.

And the result was only okay. A little bland for my liking, but adding pepper helped. The Colonel ate it but didn’t rave, Pudge won’t touch it because of the chicken, and the Fox hasn’t tried it yet because he’s at practice. Bug ate a little and agreed it needed something more.

They say the price per serving is around $8, but I think it will be lower in my case because I’m feeding two kids who are nibblers. In terms of savings, I spend about $30 a day on groceries (I like to shop for my meals daily instead of one big trip once a week), so Blue Apron works out to be a little more expensive.

Can’t you just see the beige blandness shining through?


Tomorrow, I’m making catfish. I’m not expecting that to go over well, to be honest, but we’ll see.



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