Posted in February 2016

She’s Not Dead

 My killed darling for day 12 of Author Life Month.  This is CRUSHED’s original opening – the one where Calista is killed in a car accident, and Fletch is plagued by guilt. Such a different book than what it developed into.  Once I cut these lines, I was better able to see Fletch’s story. And … Continue reading

Authorlifemonth – day 10

Today’s challenge is to post a non-author photo of yourself. Here’s mine. I wear many hats: mother, wife, writer, friend, and crazy person. And of course, hat lover 😄 xoxo~dawn  

Play With Me

Hey All-  It’s day 7 of #authorlifemonth, and today is share your writing music. Here’s a partial list from my current work-in-progress. Of course Soft Shock is there – it’s on all my lists 😀 Xoxo~dawn   

Some Day I’ll be Rid of You

I’m not holding my breath, but some day – hopefully soon, I’ll be able to walk around without your ghost jumping out from every corner. Why can’t you just go? That’s the question I make Livie in Murder Madness Such Sweet Sadness ask. She wants to be rid of this guy, because even though he’s … Continue reading

Getting Rid of the Past

Hey all –  I wrote this back in December on Facebook, but I think it’s a good message for here, too. Loving the skin you’re in isn’t easy, but it’s better than wishing away parts of you.  Xoxo~dawn As I was dressing this morning, I took in all my beautiful size 0 & 2 clothes … Continue reading

The Fear is Real

Hey All – I wasn’t going to write today because I’ve been caught up in a cycle of suck – but then I thought, why not write it away? I mean, that is what I do best after all. Write. So here it is: I’m trying to plan a birthday party for my son, and … Continue reading